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Imagine a world where our screens connect us yet leave us yearning for something deeper. That's where "All of It" comes in— not your ordinary ‘zine or indie publication, but a labor of love dedicated to weaving those frayed threads of genuine human connection back together.

Now, here's the twist: we're all storytellers. It's not just my tales that matter, it's yours, theirs, and everyone's in between. I wanted to open the floor for thought-provoking questions and let your stories steal the spotlight. Because in those stories, that's where the healing, authentic bonds, and true understanding play its tune.


Imagine over 100 voices coming together to craft a kaleidoscope of narratives. Some are as simple as a whispered secret, some as heartbreaking as an opera's crescendo, and a few so pure, they might just leave you breathless. The magic lies in this rollercoaster – a journey that mirrors the wild, beautiful ride of being unmistakably human.


This book isn't just pages bound together; it's a catalyst for real, meaningful connections. It's a reminder to pause, feel, and appreciate the importance of human bonds. And guess what? This journey is just getting started. I'm tirelessly expanding this series, aiming to touch as many hearts as possible.

About All of It

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119 Main St, Andes, NY 13731

738 Main St, Park City, UT 84060

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