Volume III takes on travel and our innate connection to nature and the outdoors. From interviews from creators and small businesses and anonymously shared thoughts and moments to meaningful pieces from artists around the world. We even added a personal journal section for you to start brainstorming your next outdoor adventure. 

All of It focuses on short stories and moments in people's lives, anonymously shared to foster a sense of connection and understanding. I wanted to create a space that allows us to reflect, feel, and remember the importance of human connection.


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All of It is an independent publication created to simply bring people together. On one hand we're more connected than ever through social media and the internet, and on the other hand it feels as though we're somehow more fragmented and removed from real, genuine connection. So, I thought of the most powerful way to connect people that I could- through storytelling.  But, not just my own stories... I wanted to give people the platform to answer thought-provoking questions, to get them thinking, to tell their stories. And through that, we heal, connect, and understand one another on a much deeper level. 

Early on in the podcast I asked people on social to submit voice memos of themselves answering the prompt "How old are you and what do you do?" That was my personal favorite episode. It was short, only 2 minutes, but it was powerful. That episode lit a fire in me about how different our individual journeys look, and how important it is to share them. Unfortunately that podcast segment died off, but I knew I had to get back to that idea of personal connection. I wanted to hear from you...and that's how All of It was created. 


I went on to create a series of personal, though-provoking questions for people to anonymously answer. I sent it out to the masses, and hoped for the best. The first volume of All of It focused on stories and memories from different ages in one's life. With over 50 contributors, it became a beautiful collaborative collection of stories. Some stories were simple, some heartbreaking, and some so pure that you may even shed a tear. That's the beauty of it, it's an emotional journey, and that is exactly what it's like to be human.


At the end of the day this book was created to foster a sense of meaningful connection and understanding, and to give us a chance to reflect, feel, and remember the importance of human connection. I am continuously working on this series, and expanding it to reach and touch the hearts of as many people as I can.  


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