What does 'being' mean to you?

Volume II of All of It takes on the exploration of 'being', and what that uniquely means to each and every one of us. From personal interviews and anonymously shared thoughts and moments to creative works from artists around the world. We even added a personal journaling section to allow you to have your own mindful moments. 


All of It focuses on short stories and moments in people's lives, anonymously shared to foster a sense of connection and understanding. I wanted to create a space that allows us to reflect, feel, and remember the importance of human connection.


What you're getting:
• 80+ pages of meaningful content 
• 50+ Anonymous contributors, sharing their thoughts & stories
• 5 Personal Interviews
        -Living Intentionally
        -The Intersection of Wellness & Being
        -Getting Back to Basics 
        -Integrating 'being' into your work  
• Photography, Poetry, Paintings, Illustrations, and Prose from creators all over the globe. 
• A rad All of It sticker 

Being | All of It Vol. II

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