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All of It — Vol. I

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You can expect 64 pages of meaningful moments and memories from people's lives (anonymously shared), poetry, journal prompts, and advice from strangers. I'm proud to have designed and curated every detail of this book from playing around with my scanner to create the cover pages and graphics, to adding my personal journal entries and photography. In this first issue, I decided to take on the theme of "A Lifetime of Moments." The aim was to have people reflect on their lives, and connect with those around them. This book begs the question, when was the last time we genuinely connected to something, to someone? 

Volume I of All of It highlights a lifetime of moments, and the fact that we never know what other people are going through; good, bad, or ugly. With these anonymously shared stories, I hope to de-stigmatize various mental health issues, open the floor to share your favorite memories and stories, and spread a lot of joy along the way. Sounds like a big - but hopefully exciting? - journey.

*Excerpts in this collection are real stories anonymously shared by people of all ages, of simple, beautiful, and heartbreaking moments in their lives. Some stories contain sensitive topics, those pages are marked accordingly with a Content Warning. 

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