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All of It — Vol. I

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You can expect 64 pages of meaningful moments and memories from people's lives (anonymously shared), poetry, journal prompts, and advice from strangers. I'm proud to have designed and curated every detail of this book from playing around with my scanner to create the cover pages and graphics, to adding my personal journal entries and photography. In this first issue, I decided to take on the theme of "A Lifetime of Moments." as an invitation to delve into personal reflections, fostering connections that bridge the gaps between us. This book becomes a messenger, gently urging us to ponder: When was the last time we genuinely connected with something, with someone?

In the debut installment of All of It, Volume I takes a captivating stroll through a lifetime's worth of moments, revealing the intricate tapestry of human experiences—both the highs and lows, the beauty and the struggles. These candidly shared stories remind us that everyone carries their own unique journey, whether it's joyous, challenging, or complex. Through this collection of stories, I aim to shed light on mental health issues, dissolve stigmas, and create a space where cherished memories and anecdotes find a home, all while sprinkling a healthy dose of joy along the way. It might sound like a monumental endeavor – and perhaps an exhilarating one at that.

**Within these pages, you'll find authentic excerpts from various individuals, spanning generations, as they recount the simple, the heartwarming, and even the heart-wrenching moments that have colored their lives. Please note that a few stories delve into sensitive subjects, and those pages are thoughtfully marked with a Content Warning.

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