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Outside of work I am dedicated to continuing my passion for honest, meaningful connection in any way I can. I can't simply do a job or a project just to do it. It must be meaningful and make an impact. With that in mind, I have created the podcast and self-published magazine, All of It. Both of these projects dive into the nuances of being human, connecting with one another, and navigating life boldly and honestly.

As someone who has not only worked in media, but has personally consumed media daily, it's easy to forget our lives without the subconscious "highlight reel". My mission, through my work, is not to lose this sense of creativity we have developed, but to amplify our real, gritty, and often not-so-easy journeys. Through these honest, meaningful conversations, we reconnect with one another on what it truly means to be human...and that dedication to genuine, authentic connection, is what I inject into every brand, and every project I work on. 


Social media can be a big time suck, specially when done right. But these days it's a major aspect of business we cant afford to overlook. I'm here to help be the voice of your brand across social platforms so you can focus your energy on other aspects of your business.


Looking to connect with your community online and off? Events are a great opportunity for engagement and brand exposure, but they are no easy feat. I'm here to help take care of the details so  you can focus on your guests and your goals. Events may not be IRL at the moment, but that shouldn't stop you from getting your community together virtually. 


It's one thing to have captivating graphics and engaging content, and it's another to take the time to develop authentic relationships with your community. Organic community engagement helps drive your business and boost your visibility. Let me help you take your community to the next level by developing and executing a fool-proof engagement strategy.


Let's really dive into your brand presence. In these one-on-one sessions we review your current strategy, messaging, and media presence, and discuss your brand's direction and goals. After our session you will have a clear foundation on effective ways to reach your key audience. 

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To Be Magnetic

Community Manager


For Women Who Roar

Membership Manager


Paloverde Botanicals 

Social + Content Manager

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Public Relations + Content Associate


The Speak Company

Public Relations Assistant


Simone LeBlanc

Studio Assistant



Event Manager

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